In the recent hit TV series ". The" 25 concentration, actually had a Shenzhen public telephone number, and the well-known actor Hu Ge in the drama also personally call the phone, so, the public telephone has been ringing off the hook, harassing messages o

Launch "in 2014 and" the second series of notorious notorious "dawn", Sunker Punch will fade out of the game player's vision. Until the year 10 at the end of the Paris game show, Sunker Punch was carrying the latest masterpiece "Tsushima ghost - ZAKER, pe

In the overseas game forum ResetEra, a man named Son of Sparda released a large number of users associated with a series of new revelations "devil may cry". The details of the content are startling. The user said that he planned to be in SONY's PSX and Ca

Now eat chicken Royale game so hot, and the Tencent also said the penguin has been popular in the world of "to survive the Jedi:" the Battle Royale China agency, means that the game can finally enter the market in the right and proper Chinese, don't afrai

Yesterday (November 21st) evening, Kingsoft announced the 2017 Q3 quarter performance report. The report shows that Kingsoft 2017 Q3 total revenue of 1 billion 303 million yuan, an increase of 16%, attributable to the parent company's net profit of 2. - Z

Following the "time" magazine selected the top 20 thousand and 170 electronic products, brings us to the ten big game, "the legend of Zelda: Wilderness income" topped the list, "survive the Jedi: Battle Royale" impressively, take a look at what are the sp

Recently, "electric shock PlayStation" magazine interviewed many famous Japanese game producers, and revealed a number of works and new information in the development. "Final Fantasy 15" supervised Tian Tianduan (Schwell Aniks) Q: "Final Fantasy 15" next

This paper contains the "giant" Wolfenstein 2: spoilers. Most do not need to seriously stories that the afternoon sun, the wonderfull life, those quiet. None of them belong to me....1946, over the Baltic sea. BJ didn't know, when he was awakened by his co

Sega released the latest series of women's magic series, the game announced PS4/Switch landing platform, PS4 version March 21, 2018 release, Switch version 2018 summer sale, this included chinese. The game will also sell 10 - ZAKER, personalized recommend

All elected by the voting game player awards golden joystick awards before the date of the publication of the 2017 best game award. Among them, "the legend of Zelda: Wild income" expected in selected annual game, and also won the judges Choice Award, best

In the sale of half a year later, "mech frenzy" and its content will usher in a new, game publisher Focus Interactive and Home developers Deck13 announced, "MechAssault frenzy" and the expansion of the content of A Walk in the ZAKER, personalized recommen

In November 16th, the 2017 G-star international games show, Chinese game makers have become a decisive force. To carry the "Dragon Valley" Mobile Games "June" and other seven products exhibition grand game as an example, the sea has become the domestic ga

Granzella announced the latest intelligence of its game "4 Plus~ summer memories ~!", and released second bomb trailers. "4 Plus~ summer memories ~ ZAKER", PV2 video address "absolutely 4 P", personalized recommend hot news, local authoritative media info

Have developed a series of street fighter Gaiden "street fighter EX" developer Arika, yesterday officially announced its new fighting game title, called "Fighting EX Layer", the Beta ZAKER will determine the opening in December 11th, personalized recommen

Eat chicken recent topic constantly, but I found a lot of people will be the game described as FPS (not the FPS frame rate) game, but a better understanding of the types of games people know: "survival" Jedi Battle Royale is not a FPS game, it is what typ

Eating chicken should be the best answer to the most recent types of games. The so-called chicken game, refers to the Battle Royale class FPS/TPS game, PC's "Battle Royale" to survive the Jedi: this kind of game to the peak heat. In "Jedi" survival: Battl

GameTomo announced the game "halo mech battle plan: the future code" (Project Nimbus: Code Mirai) will be landing in November 21, 2017, clothing and beauty services PSN store. This is a PC version of ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local auth

Like many Switch players, I've been immersed in the world of super Mario Odyssey recently. This is really a very special game, during the course of play, my attention is not completely in the picture and narrative, but also do not want to study the level

Despite the Japanese version has been on sale earlier this year, but still there are a lot of people waiting for the launch of game player "Dragon Quest 11" version of the PS4 Chinese. Just a day before the game released in November 11th, SIEH held a Chin

In November 9th, 2017 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference held in Chengdu, the ecological thought - gaming forum, QQ Mobile Games business leader Lin Haiqiang unveiled a new ecological community game more open to partners, explains how to through the pen

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