Women show high upside down unarmed Airport (source: Thailand's "world news") overseas network 12, 14, a suspected foreign woman from Europe in Thailand on 13 Suvarnabhumi International Airport Lounges show high upside down unarmed stunt, disturb the airp

Overseas network on 6 December, distance travel to Korea Line 8 month lockout, composed of a group of 32 visitors recently departed BeiJing Capital Airport to korea. This is the first Chinese mainland tour in South Korea since March this year. The previou

Data picture: Chinese tourists take self portraits at the Gyongbokkung in Seoul. (Han Lianshe) Reference News Network reported on December 5th Korean media said the South Korean congressional budget policy at the 3 released data projections, because since

December 18th -20 day, 2017 Liping • China Dong year and the eighth session of the Liping • the Chinese Dong cultural tourism festival will be held in Liping County, Qiandongnan, Guizhou. Figure /2015 November 29th, the Dong people are participa

In December 2nd, the largest in North China South Korea route to Korea Tourism Organization supplier Haitao travel group arrived in South Korea, has become South Korea in March this year, ushered in the first Chinese mainland tour. According to industry s

Every generation of people is married to what they think is necessary. The big three in 60s, three in 70s to a ring, and in 80s and late 90s began housing, cars and diamonds... Nowadays, more and more Chinese 90 do not meet the traditional marriage patter

For most Chinese people, Thailand is a very familiar country. In the early years of the 7 Matera tour, or today's Phuket Island, Koh Samui, Milan, the Thailand Tourism Resort...... publicity, even if they have not been to, can be heard without end, you mu

You must have seen a lot of English God translations in public places. What's the name of the dish and the strange and eccentric shocking slogans, dumbfounding...... the rice noodle:??? So, who did it? Foreigners see a face Meng: slowly slide into? Is thi

The Ministry of Finance recently announced that, since December 1st, China will further reduce the import tariffs of some consumer goods, the average tax rate dropped from 17.3% to 7.7%. What are the consumer goods that reduce import tariffs? What benefit

Sultan Abdulaziz, head of the Saudi Tourism Commission, said Saudi Arabia plans to begin issuing tourist visas to foreigners next year, because the Saudi government wants to increase the openness of the Kingdom and seek new sources of income to diversify

Out of desperation to relieve themselves but can not find the toilet? Today, online seconds can be done with smartphones! * source: Photo nets (Graphic unrelated) National 330 thousand toilet information available mobile phone second check according to Xi

Recently, China Telecom jointly with the journey tourism and donkey mother tourism respectively launched Le card packages and donkey meal card packages, although not unlimited flow packages, but overall is more affordable. The two packages are basically t

Background reply [manpower] get job information ~ editor: human power source: worker daily client 2017 is nearing the end, everybody this year has saved the annual vacation have run out of it? It is an important right for laborers to enjoy annual vacation

Remember the book of right-wing books denying the Nanjing massacre in Japan's APA hotel room in the beginning of the year? The author of this book is Shimototani Toshio, the owner of APA hotel. At that time, Shimototani Toshio first appeared, proudly said

Lijiang municipal government information office official micro-blog 12 evening news release, November 12th, on suspicion of false propaganda through electronic business platform and two unfair competition involved by the ancient city inn has formally open

Reference News Network reported on November 12th, Russian media said that China's tourist flow to Russia constantly refresh record. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary revolution of October, Russian media called for more Chinese tourists to come to r

Known as the island artifact of the most advanced Chinese dredger, launched last week day kun. Yesterday (6 days), Philippines's defense minister Loren Za Na (Delfin Lorenzana) said it (Kun day number) the existence of people have some concerns, will be c

Data picture: two thousand Chinese tourist groups visited Busan last year. (Han Lianshe) overseas network on 7 November, the Korean media said Hitoshikawa Kanhikaru said on the 7 proposed Chinese commune a medical enterprise 3000 tourists to korea. If you

[edit / Liu Shurong / Wang Meimei / CO editing practice] called Ji Xin made island artifact of the most advanced Chinese dredger days last week launched Kun no.. Yesterday (6), Philippines defense minister Loren Za Na (Delfin Lorenzana) table - ZAKER, per

If I have 8 days vacation, I can go to Sanya to eat seafood, or Taiwan ride around the island, or choose to go to Turkey to sit hot air balloon! When every little book (micro signal: nbdnews) floats out of the mind, it has been the end of all the holidays

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