In October 26th, just take off Ms. hung, with the sweet, back to the Golden State Center Gucci (Gucci) store work. In November 10th, Ms. hung and mother came to the Golden State Center Gucci (Gucci) store, find a manager.

Chinese astronaut center to provide Ye Guangfu is mainly responsible for the exploration and exploration of the unknown area of the cave, the measurement data generated 3D images, real-time monitoring of environmental parameters of the 3 tasks. Chinese as

Hunter!! Special forces in the special forces!!! "Hunter" is the title of your

Hunter!! Special forces in the special forces!!! "Hunter" is the title of your

Local time on July 13th, "Pacific Rim -2016" exercise at sea to the implementation stage to enter the second day. Chinese naval fleet and the United States, France, Indonesia and other naval vessels in the waters of Hawaii, organized to carry out search a

"In July 11th, the 456th hospital held the fifteenth group to the South Sultan peacekeeping medical team assembled to send off the general assembly, the representative of the peacekeeping team, the hospital director of the political department, Yang Benfa

July 9th to 10, the Sino Russian cooperation "to 2016" joint anti-terrorism training staged night jungle terrorist insurgency gangs. The joint training team members to take heavy fire, reconnaissance, Tactical UAV helicopter drop cable. For air mobility,

In late June, with a background of combat fighting in the hinterland of Songshan, Zhengzhou armed police detachment SWAT platoon more than 40 soldiers launched a seven day of the second quarter of the week "field beyond the limit of comprehensive training

Recently, CCTV's "military documentary" show the Chinese air flight training helicopter armed helicopter pilot training, the emergence of the domestic new armed helicopter gathered scenes, very spectacular.

The day before yesterday evening, a bank of Shanxi, a bank training staff to make ass video in the network heat transfer, causing questioned. Jiang Yang said that the purpose of training is to explain and encourage groups through the course of the contest

Soldiers on the battlefield, the mission of levy. The "devil's Week" limit training is a challenge to the physical limits of the players, but also a comprehensive test of the sudden and psychological bottom line of the war against terrorism under complex

In the course of psychology, when you encounter a real case, Guangzhou, a male, 29 years old, with

June 20th, in Zhangzhou City, Fujian province compulsory drug treatment center, a civilian police in the view of drug addicts to do manual.

The army guard unit aimed at the actual needs, to carry out strict training, when the main soldiers temper DaTouZhen courage and uprightness. Picture of the soldiers in the mire of training scenarios. Photo by Wang Xiaosheng rockets army guard units aimed

Zhou Qi, the latest training hot collection of three points rain show brutal storm

Ship Hefei ship (Pennant number 174), Lanzhou ship (Pennant number 170) by the guided missile destroyer, missile escort ship Sanya ship (Pennant number 574) and comprehensive supply ship Honghu ship (Pennant number 963) consisting of navy of the South Chi

Japan's Kyodo news agency said the Japanese land defense team northern area director of the Department of (is located in the city of Sapporo) said on the 24th, northern rear support team 23 afternoon chasing a town in Hokkaido deer although don't exercise

In early September, the G20 summit will be held in Hangzhou, for the successful completion of the tasks assigned by superiors, Zhejiang People's Armed Police Corps detachment Jinhua focus on practical, close to the actual forging at the sudden vanguard, s

South China Sea fleet of the Navy Fleet distant sea training for firing training in a certain area of the Western Pacific on the afternoon of 21.

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