Aoi Aoi Photographed by NetEase Entertainment on January 4 On January 4th, Aoi Aoi took a group photo with twin children on a personal social networking site and wished everyone a Happy New Year in various languages. Aoi holds a child in one hand and her mother is full of strength. It is reported that May 1, 2019

Xiong Dailin's twin daughter Xiong Dailin and two twin daughters Netease Entertainment reported on January 2 According to Hong Kong media reports, on January 1, Xiong Dailin took a photo of the twin daughter's sale on her personal social platform and wrote: Holding hands, we Come into 2020 together! Love you love

Recently, an unusual operation was performed in a hospital in Serbia. A 36-year-old man was born without a testicle and was unable to have children. In order to fulfill his dream of becoming a father, the twin brother volunteered to donate a testicle. After 6 hours of high-risk surgery by an international medical team,

Have you ever thought that one day, there may be another identical you in this world, which will suddenly appear in front of your eyes & amp; hellip; this kind of thing happened in the United States. Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry are from

Recently, Lin Zhiying took a photo of her family for the birth of the twins on Weibo. The family of four took a group photo in the photo. Kimi was in charge of taking the photo but did not show up. In the photo, Lin Zhiling and Chen Ruoyi are holding a baby and cutting the cake together, the picture is very warm.

According to ATP official reports, Federer said in an interview recently: Only one of my four children is slightly interested in tennis, and the other three are fine. But I believe that sports is a very good thing, so no matter what they choose, I will support it! After nine years of love, Fader

On November 23, Lin Zhiling's pregnancy revealed the latest developments. According to the authoritative doctor, because Lin Zhiling had reported 9 snow eggs before, but it is still very difficult to successfully conceive twins at the age of 45. Lin Chi-ling and her husband AKIRA before lifting in Taiwan

The British twin boys Joe Kitts and Ashley Kitters were born at a pre-production rate of only 430.9 grams and 408 grams, respectively. They had to live in the neonatal intensive care unit for 129 days. The little brothers created a miracle of life and became the smallest surviving twin in the UK. base

Britain's smallest twins Joe Kitts and Ashley Kitts. (Daily Mail) Overseas Network November 11th, the twins born on April 16, 2019, Joe Keates and Ashley Kitts (Ashley)

Recently, a horrific murder case of mother and child occurred in Taichung, Taiwan, and shocked countless netizens. According to Taiwan media reports, the victim, Chen surnamed a woman, raised her twin sons alone, and also feeds her unemployed cohabiting boyfriend Chen. Her boyfriend Chen was too jealous because of jealousy and his other men were too embarrassed.

Recently, according to Hong Kong media reports, Xiong Yulin and her mother led the twin daughters out to go shopping. Taking pictures from the street, Xiong Yulin and her mother chose clothes for her daughter in a children's clothing store. There is a middle-aged woman holding her child around them. I don’t know if I am a relative or a nanny. On the same day, Xiong Yulin and her mother were...

When I mentioned that the brain was wide open, the first thing that everyone thought of was the Thai drama and the Japanese drama. Quite bizarre to no friends, all kinds of dog blood, wonderful things can be written by the scriptwriter. Recently, Shadow Brother discovered a American drama that made people laugh. Two men are serving a wife? The operation of this smashing leg was actually shot by...

Aoi is wearing a baby with the same crown. Aoi is celebrating the twins. On November 2nd, Aoi was photographed on Weibo and the photos of twin babies celebrated the half-year birthday for the baby. In the photo, she and the twins are wearing a fluffy crown, two little babies on the head.

At the age of 18, Alex was suddenly emptied. In August 1982, he suffered a serious motorcycle accident. In a huge impact, the helmet fell off and his head was hit hard. He fell into a coma and lost all his consciousness for six weeks. Finally, he survived,

It is reported that a pair of twin brothers, Alyssa and MattCall, in Exeter, dwen, UK, became a pair of siblings through transsexual surgery. The twins, 36 years old, became women at the age of Alyssa23, and their 23 - year brotherhood officially turned i

A pair of twin brothers in Daqing have married a pair of twin sisters. The network of attention on the day of the wedding reached 1 million 374 thousand clicks. The twin brother is Zheng Dashuang, and the brother is Zheng Xiaoshuang. The twin sister is na

It's a very lucky thing to have twin babies. Fiona from Paris is the winner of this life. As a fashionable and spicy mom, she is not only good at dressing herself, but also for twin daughters Sienna and Mila dressed up like ZAKER -- personalized recommend

Modern Express News (correspondent Lu Yushun reporter Mao Xiaohua) in mid November, the police in the verification of population information data, found that two women in Taizhou and Wuxi were highly similar, suspected that there is a possibility of multi

The twins look like Yangzi Evening News yesterday morning, the Yixing and Taizhou were from Wuxi Taixing twins BAE Yang, accompanied by his family, came to Taixing City Public Security Bureau, Hongqiao police station, giving the sisters to help Jin's reun

Black with twin sons Wang Weizhong NetEase in November 28 set entertainment reported according to Taiwan media reports, Chen Chien-chou black and Christine Fan have twin sons, Feifei Xiangxiang, popular brothers too cute, 27 day drama "Wang Weizhong surpr

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