Produce | Bullet Financial Author | Shi teacher 1 minute 36 seconds to break 10 billion, 1 hour 3 minutes 59 seconds to break 100 billion … … Chinese e-commerce surrendered this double 11 transcript, once again shocked

Click on the blue character above to pay attention to 21 Jun~ into all the economic life guides: On November 15th, Hurun’s latest data shows that 15 unicorn companies were newly discovered in the third quarter of 2019, and an average of 6 new ones were found every 6 days. , the total number of Chinese unicorn companies rose to 2

Narwhal (Source: Daily Mirror) Overseas Network November 14th Recently, a small milk dog with a forehead and a tail has become a superstar, attracting a lot of netizens' attention. According to the Daily Mirror, November 13th, an animal rescue center in Missouri, USA

You definitely agree that a successful entrepreneur needs to be passionate – and this is what Su Jin Lee, the founder of Yanolja, an online accommodation booking platform, definitely has. The couple hotel is a short-term accommodation method that pays by the hour. In Korean, the meaning of Yanolja

In 2016, the financing activity of Unicorn start-ups fell sharply, with only 144 investment transactions, while in 2015 there were 212 cases, investment activity fell by 32%; investment ($36 billion) fell by 24% compared with the previous year.

Sleepy haze Beijing, we catch a unicorn here. "".

  picture is for reference only do not know that you are in the life of the poor friends do not have to touch the bottle cap.. Girls can't unscrew the spoiled sell adorable looking for male OK.. But as a man, can't unscrew the cap during peaceful tim

HUAWEI consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong just shared a picture to understand Mate  9 Unicorn 960 performance, that the latter is a focus on mobile phone experience

Tencent digital news (Su Yang) Qualcomm mobile processor platform, the product of the rhythm faster and faster. Once the NDRC punishment more than 6 billion Qualcomm snapdragon's latest 835 chip has become the object of focus on this fair, appeared in the

I don't believe in fate, I go out of every step in advance through careful planning and scrutiny.

In 2015, Zhongguancun new tech enterprise 2.4, than in 2014 a net increase of 1.1 million, Zhongguancun over the years is the founder of the new increase in the number of enterprises up to one year. 2015 Zhongguancun daily average of 66 new technology ent

Who will become the unicorn is inconclusive, but the field of bicycle sharing is not easy.

When the air whistling industry over the remaining enterprises should once again reflect on their heart -- is to arbitrage, or bigger and stronger, and the achievement centennial.

The first page of the intelligent electric bicycle of the unicorn is a familiar sight in the eyes of the Chinese people, and China, which has the world's largest bicycle, is called "self".

If you mean how much they are likely to succeed in the Chinese market for Apple Corp, then I think the probability is zero.

The unicorn lost lost H2K but has the strongest manager enough at the end of the morning of the three or four EULCS finals, the unicorn team lost UOL1-3 H

HUAWEI is unlikely to launch Mate9 in the IFA show, and that how to do not interfere with the machine on the network frequent exposure. Days ago, there are insiders at micro-blog

HUAWEI is unlikely to launch Mate9 in the IFA show, and that how to do not interfere with the machine on the network frequent exposure. Days ago, there are insiders at micro-blog

1 University of Science and Technology of China successfully developed quantum chip; 2 Hefei DRAM plant science and technology Zhaoji planned 2018 production of HUAWEI Mate9 is rumored to be 3;

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