This article for the Liu Run transformation / venture "ten traps" series of articles in the entrepreneurial and transformation of the seventh, filled with large and small pits, each pit swallowed a large number of public

May be a wide range of users from shallow to deep coverage of the operation of the article.

As Chinese few workplace social products, with the user name information for the capital occupation of tenderness, is undoubtedly a scarce resource.

This article is Liu Run transformation / entrepreneurship "ten traps" series of articles seventh in the entrepreneurial and transformation of the road, covered with large and small pits, each pit has swallowed a large number of public

Now, there are many in the end of the smart phone with a fingerprint identification device. But I do not know why, there are still a small number of mobile phone or the flagship phone is not the edge of this configuration. that

Internet product operations, usually divided into three categories of active users: new users, retained users, return users, reduce the loss of users to enhance retention is the only way to expand the user's plate.

The same area, Dameisha free of charge 30 yuan a huge crowds of people, the small Meisha surging poll, 2400 yuan a night almost no exclusive beach Sheraton Hotel......

Abstract: the user portrait, can be simple, can also be complex, this paper attempts to use the popular text to the professional user portrait method to carry out a simple expression, so that users do not have done

In November 14th, HUAWEI released its annual flagship mobile phone HUAWEI Mate9/Mate9Pro conference in Shanghai, HUAWEI announced joint Ali

Practical experience of all outstanding products responsible person, Analysys analyst first hand, break the "user value system", "IP management" and "she marketing" and "mobile data integration and application scenarios and user problems, help us to disco

UBS (UBS) two analysts Milunovich Steve and Wilson Benjamin recently released a report that since the beginning of 2016, the user's loyalty to iPhone will become increasingly low. The vast majority of the use of - ZAKER, personalized recommendation popula

Headline data for each industry, the field to provide free Internet information data services, the latest case of cooperation: corporate headlines + working circle, to provide business users with exclusive business information.

Found that with the rapid development of Internet of things technology, smart home has been moving from a single product to the stage of the interconnection of intelligent scene, and gradually form a linkage system and the concept of ecological platform.

N station's commercialization has been more mature, paid membership income, there are more than 10% of the advertising revenue. Advertising forms include special advertising areas, sponsorship, and text links.

Products on the line, just a start, products, operations, design, development and seed users together, together to create a good product.

According to the latest research data, China's mobile Internet users have reached 710 million people, while their favorite activity is to use smart phones to watch video and listen to music online.

The questionnaire to the network founder and CEO S martDay: "in the speech of new gameplay and old teaching" entrepreneurial activity in finishing

Blink of an eye, in August 2016 only less than a week's time, for many young friends, this also means that the joy of the summer into the end, soon to welcome

August 27th, the Tencent held in Haikou, the first QQJOY (Penguin Anime Games Carnival). This is to cater to, serve the young group as the core of the activities, not

"Social won't be because of a system or a feature in the game. Chat room to do is very convenient, users will go to social networking? Absolutely not."

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