On December 28, the State Intellectual Property Office announced a new design patent for vivo. The patent discloses three different screen forms, all of which are digging screen solutions, but the positions and number of front cameras are different. The first design patent is four front cameras distributed on the screen

IT House December 28 news According to gsmarena and tigermobiles news, the latest design patent of the vivo mobile phone was exposed, using a front four-hole screen design. According to information from the State Intellectual Property Office, vivo

* Head picture from "Wrestling, Dad" stills Go, go overseas! With the saturation of the domestic market, Chinese brands have increasingly moved to the global market. The most populous country on the same continent as India, India is the first choice for many manufacturers to go to sea. Until now, this land seems to have become a Chinese

December 24th news According to the unified push alliance news, recently, the unified push alliance has received the test application of Weiwo Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., according to the alliance standard "T-UPA0002-2019 unified push interface layer specification" to push related mobile phone system carry out testing. through

When the first year of 5G reached the end of the year, the process of 5G development did not stop because of an end in the sense of time. On the contrary, after the previous continuous test of commercial models, more and more mature 5G phones have been release. On the consumer side, especially the first 5G cities

News on December 16 Tonight, vivo X30 / Pro is officially released. The entire series is equipped with Exynos 980 chip jointly developed with Samsung, supports SA & amp; NSA dual-module network, and is equipped with the new Funtouch OS 10

On December 16, vivo will bring the vivo X30 5G mobile phone. In addition to the preheated 60x periscope super telephoto in advance, what greater highlights will there be for the vivo X30?

ZAKER Technology News On December 16, vivo officially released a brand new 5G image flagship vivo X30 series phone in Guilin. Let's talk about the price: vivo X30: 8 + 128GB, priced at 3298 yuan, 8 + 256GB for sale

IT House December 13 News Vivo officially announced the new Vivo X30 series mobile phones. The lens of the mobile phone with up to 60 times digital zoom also caused discussion among netizens. Today, product manager Han Boxiao of Vivo also posted on Weibo v

In this season of undressing by courage, washing by perseverance, and getting up by explosive power, if there is anything that continues to heat up, 5G is definitely a well-deserved existence. From the issue of the 5G commercial license in June to the Internet conference in October, 5G has been Related topics always occupy

IT House December 8th news On November 28th, vivo Funtouch OS project manager @JoviOS_ Xiao Zhuge disclosed that Funtouch OS will be renamed to JoviOS. After two weeks, JoviO

Zhongguancun Online News: At noon on November 28, Ge Yanan, Funtouch OS project manager, announced the JoviOS logo on Weibo. Based on this, many netizens speculated that JoviOS will replace Funtouch OS as vi

IT House November 23rd news, in August and September this year announced the V17 Neo and V17 Pro two mobile phones, today Vivo officially announced the V17 in Russia. In fact, this is not exactly a new mobile phone.

On November 14th, vivo launched the S5, a four-camera phone featuring a "minimal" and "natural" design. Regardless of the color matching and the overall texture processing design, the new machine is more inclined to be associated with female users. In addition, vivo also adds a lot of self-timer related photos to the mobile phone.

Don't run away? A sentence that has been used as a joke, but the reality reflected is so real. Today, processor performance is already a core reference for consumers when choosing a mobile phone. The result is a higher-performance next-generation product that appears every year or even every six months. High-performance new models continue to put old models

IT House November 14th news The launch of the vivo S5 is underway. The official said that the Vivo S5 is equipped with the first ultra-small Oled HD display in China, with a hole size of only 2.98mm and a screen ratio of 91.38%. Viv

The IT home vivo officially released the new Vivo S5 in Hangzhou, featuring a beauty selfie, priced at 2,698. Chinese mainland male singer, actor and music producer Cai Xukun also came to the conference, and Vivo also launched Cai Xukun's exclusive filter + Cai

In the evolutionary history of headphones, getting rid of the constraints of cables is an important product direction. Especially in the last two years, as more and more mobile phones began to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, it has brought huge market space for the category of true wireless headsets, and attracted many brands to join the true wireless headset.

Vivo is warming up for the new Vivo X30, the vivo X30 is the first 5G phone in the Vivo X series, and the X30 will also be equipped with the Exynos 980 processor. This is the 5G core jointly developed by Samsung and Vivo.

On October 31, 2019, at the 2019 China International Information and Communication Exhibition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the three major operators jointly held a 5G commercial launching ceremony; the 5G package tariffs of the three major operators were also released (see Lei Fengwang previously reported) . However, before this

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