Crew Said IOS: with the updated version, by Crew Said WIKI: a new revision upgrade, and game linkage. Not only that, WIKI Jun also special

Chain wars, Sega produced Ivy Mobile Games, recently also ushered in the three anniversary of the two anniversary of PSV. Unfortunately, the Grand National Service Agency recently announced that it is about to

He called Uncle Drew, he called the new emperor, his name is Kyrie, the word in the Greek translation of the "King", you surrender to him?

On April 28, dragon game's 3D animation moves hand combat tour the mountain pass Senki ", with linkage video tour theme held product tasting. Conference site

The mountain pass Senki "video tour tasting will held today in Beijing Stars drama village, dragon game, executive vice president of Shi Shufang," my name is Mt "original author, dynamic light broadcast CE

He is a short joke, but accidentally, is expected to be pioneers of Iverson.

There is a metamorphosis called curry, a killer named Kawai.

By Sega development, grand (Eyedentity's Mobile) agent RPG popularity "chain wars" hanbok version, the upcoming 2016

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