As the saying goes, love is irrespective of age. Recently, a 70-year-old grandfather in Thailand married his 20-year-old beauty for the first time and sent 20 million baht (about RMB 4.64 million) as a bride price. Because the two people are too different in age, their wedding is very fast.

Recently, the Huaian police received a public warning that the door in a small area, some people affray. During the fighting, some people took out a dagger, causing injuries. It turned out that the day is the day of the red giant of the public, relatives

Harlem Yu took his new wife Zhang Jiaxin according to Taiwan media reported on September 23rd, the 55 year old Harlem Yu (Harlem Yu) at the end of July confirmed and 10 months of contacts from anchor Zhang Jiaxin Zhang Jiaxin after notarization to remarry

Click on the top of the music as entertainment can be subscribed oh! She is from the south, but there is a clear and handsome girl in her former model, but on the road performing wonderful

Sun Li Deng Chao Sun Li micro-blog Deng Chao family portrait screenshot screenshot micro-blog June 7th is Sun Li Deng Chao's wedding anniversary, Sun Li drying out her flowers with his son and took the whole retro wind

Its first product Sphere800 from research and development to the production floor only nearly two months time.

"Love's shelf life is only a week", so the lines as if still yesterday.

According to previous Taiwan's ETTV news, Hu Ge, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin in a good gay friend wedding, "the daughter girlfriend Lin Xiao also quietly accompanied, was photographed before two

Net exposure Hu Ge to bring the woman to the wedding, according to Taiwan media reports, before attending Ruby Lin Wallace Huo marriage

[Abstract] Hu Ge and the early born giants Lin Xiaochuan scandal, but recently there

"With him, and now the moment should be my happiest, I am looking forward to wearing a wedding dress.

August 2nd, the Internet came a woman nude photos and videos, broke the news that this is Wang

Peter Ho and his wife Ruby Lin in mothering feast Phoenix Entertainment News August 2nd, Peter Ho

Peter Ho and his wife Ruby Lin in mothering feast Phoenix Entertainment News August 2nd, Peter Ho

The wedding was called Peter Ho near the wife of NetEase entertainment in August 1 reported according to Taiwan

Yesterday, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin wedding maxed out the circle of friends with micro-blog, this record heavy dog abuse me

(original title: Wallace Huo & Ruby Lin Wedding: deep grilled valuation of 5 hundred million commercial territory covered a wide range of original or invisible investment Master) July 31st, and Bali Island, this marriage is the protagonist of Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin Wallace Huo 31 in Bali Island wedding, circle of friends to attend the wedding ceremony and dinner, to witness the happy moment of the two new people.

"Ten years friend transformation of love", they wrote in the wedding invitation. Met for ten years, faded

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