Deng Xia, who lives in Luohu, Shenzhen, in the afternoon of December 11, 2019, burned charcoal in his bathroom and ended suicide. His husband Zheng Jun (pseudonym), who was only 36 years old, told reporters that he had found Deng Xia (pseudonym) has a huge debt of nearly 3 million yuan,

Recently, a netizen met an actor Lei Jiayin and his wife Zhai Junfei while shopping in a supermarket. At that time, the shopping cart in front of them had been filled with a lot of goods, and it was quite fruitful. I saw Lei Jiayin and his wife constantly loading things into the shopping cart. Also, celebrities are often recognized when they go shopping, it is better to buy more at one time....

On the evening of January 3, Wang reported to the Changsha police that a spa had hidden pornographic services. After receiving the alarm, the police quickly went to the club to conduct a surprise inspection. The police carefully checked all the rooms in the clubhouse, and the room was empty. The police then found the alarm person Wang and the staff in the club

It is always a joy to have a reunion dinner during the festival. But for Mr. Lin's family in Linyi City, he was not happy, and even a little angry! On December 31, 2019, Mr. Lin of Linyi City took his wife and children to spend the New Year with friends in the restaurant.

For many people, 25 years of age should be just starting work. A guy in Australia worked hard to buy a house by himself, and now owns 32 houses with a total value of 20 million Australian dollars (about 100 million yuan). He was only 25 years old and retired from his wife to rent. Comprehensive

A dry, headless, limbless man with a male body was found in a cave in Idaho, USA, but his identity has been a mystery for 40 years because there is no other clue. On the 31st of last month, the local police and forensic experts announced that the identity of the deceased was finally confirmed. Comprehensive US media reports, US

On the evening of January 1, Beijing time, the Jiangsu team faced Liaoning team in the 23rd round of the CBA regular season. In the third quarter of the match, Jiangsu team coach Besilovich was deported because of a conflict with the sideline fans. It is reported that during the match, the fan raised the middle finger to the visiting team with Stevenson, Jiangsu

Interpol issued a red wanted order against Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co. on the 2nd local time. INTERPOL headquarters in Lyon, France, issued a red wanted order, wanted by the law department of the country concerned

Chinese Go brother Ke Jie reposted a picture on Weibo in the early morning with a text: What does this question mean? Pick something? Is this still asking? Of course, dogs matter! !! !! Ke Jie's Weibo photo is a screenshot of a street survey video, the topic is # 十 的 狗 VS 一天 的 男友 # Raised for ten years

Author 丨 Xiao Zuo saw the news of divorce at the end of the year: British actor Colin Faith, our familiar face uncle, and his 20-year-old wife announced a divorce, and the two have now separated. The reason for the divorce was even more sighing. Colin Fez's wife, Livia Gigi, was derailed.

He was unknown, but brilliant. The representative of the social animal recently, "Qing Yu Nian" was broadcast in full swing. I thought it was a costume drama and only found it as a comedy after opening. The biggest living treasure is the comic dialogue actor who never said cross talk. He is at the tip of a bang, saying that learning to sing makes people applaud,

Recently, the Canadian government spent $ 6.61 million (about RMB 46 million) to help a villager in a village move. If you agree to move, each family can get between $ 190,000 (about RMB 1.22 million) and $ 205,000 (about RMB 14).

A man in the United States married three wives. He tried to kill the first wife without success. Later, the man was sentenced to prison for killing the second wife. After his release, he killed the third wife and mother . In the end, the man was sentenced to death for killing five women. Recently, the 73-year-old

On the evening of January 1, the 23rd round of the CBA regular season Jiangsu team played against Liaoning. In the third quarter of the game, 5 minutes and 36 seconds, Liaoning's foreign aid Stevenson caused a foul on the opposite Liu Wei. When he was performing a free throw, an accident occurred on the other side of the court. Jiangsu coach Besilovic

Wife Melania said something rare, Trump immediately broke down & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Hey! According to U.S. Capitol Hill News (The Hill) January 1, local time, the New Year's Eve, the Trump family held a New Year's party at Haihu Manor. Trump brings his wife

Zhu Jun's wife Tan Mei took three photos on Weibo. Zhu Jun's family took three photos. NetEase Entertainment reported on January 2 that on January 1, Zhu Jun's wife took three photos on Weibo, two of which were her husband Zhu Jun. A photo with CCTV staff, and a photo with Zhu Jun and his son.

An Indian man who committed 10 murders and killed his brother was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment. However, he was released only after serving 11 years in prison, and the man killed 4 single women after being released from prison. Comprehensive foreign media reported on December 30, December 17, 2019

On the evening of January 1, Beijing time, the Jiangsu team faced the Liaoning team in the 23rd round of the CBA regular season. In the middle of the third quarter, Jiangsu team coach Besilovich was deported because of a conflict with the sidelines fans. According to news, the cause of the conflict may have been the insult of Pei Shuai's wife by side fans.

Zhu Yawen confessed his photo to confess his wife Netease Entertainment reported on January 1. On January 1, 2020, the first day of the new year, Zhu Yawen tweeted to confess his wife: Happy New Year with you! Five good husbands are enviable. Zhu Yawen is also paired with a photo of himself and his wife.

Speaking of Wu Dawei, everyone must be very familiar. He is a well-known show host and has participated in many film and television dramas. Wu Dawei's hosting style is clear. He often speaks fluent English on the stage, making his image more handsome. In addition to well-known moderators, Wu Dawei's other well-known identity is Diamond King Laowu.

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