What kind of experience is chasing "The Crane Tower Huating", even Tang Yan, who is beautiful and kind, yells at her husband. Tang Yan posted a Weibo saying that Xiao Dingquan, you are too far south, what to do, and then the picture used a bitter face of Luo Jin, with a South character framed on it, ha ha ha ha is very image, Luo Jin rushed to say ,

Taiwan shocked eight women to become sex slaves when they went to Australia on a working holiday. According to a report by the British "Daily Mail" on the 4th, an Australian trade union federation published a report showing that eight Taiwanese female backpackers had obtained a 457 visa and went to work in a fruit orchard in South Australia.

According to incomplete statistics from a certain media, as of November 27, in 2019, at least 83 well-known companies in the world had carried out 93 layoffs. Reducing costs and adjusting and restructuring are the main reasons for layoffs in enterprises. The once-prosperous industries such as automobiles and finance have become the hardest hit areas.

Even 996 has been beautified into a blessing, and it seems that it is the workplace norm to leave the class. Sometimes it's because the work really can't be done, sometimes it's just because no one is in the office. The Osaka Municipal Government wanted to solve the problem completely. Governor of Osaka Prefecture, Japan, November 27

Text / Zhulin (Weixin public account zhijuzk) ▼ Former colleague Lao Li has finally found his next home, ending the two-month window of work. His circle of friends who have been silent for more than two months has also updated a status. Say goodbye to the past and start a new journey

This article from the micro-channel public number: caoz balderdash (caozsay), Author: caozsay, title figure from: Vision China before I also think a lot of the reapers very poor, sometimes I feel powerless, after all, people do not believe me, but also I feel that I have blocked their financial path. recent

When I was young, I wanted a big house, a good car, and a charming companion. These are all good ideas, but to figure out, this is not ideal. When I was very young, I looked at the 30-year-old adults and thought they were very mature. It was probably the people who had just finished the baby and started to work for family chores. father

Complex colleague relations, subtle office politics, and overtime culture that will always be spit out. If you run into a boss that is not easy to please or a strong HR, the situation may be even worse. Faced with unfair treatment, questioning or accusation, communication is hopeless, and it is impossible to change jobs and how big things can be. Can clearly hide the gun, the dark arrow is...

This article from the micro-channel public number: caoz balderdash (caozsay), Author: caozsay, the original title: "Silicon Valley-line job market papers", Photo by Corey Agopian on Unsplash some pretend to talk about this topic

The self-study space in the lounge area of ​​the paid study room is separate and more difficult to be disturbed. Although it is more expensive, it is the most popular, and it is the first to make an appointment every day. The clerk said that the seat is not a theater, nor a cafe, but a paid study room. The reporter learned from the Internet that the emerging payment from

The following article is from the entertainment observation, the author of the entertainment observation editorial department "Dear Inn" has been in the third season, the first two seasons are still quite strong, can not see the live broadcast of the TV, watching the online video, is chasing watch. But I don't know why I only watched the episode this season and I didn't see it. No Wang Hao

Not long ago, we received an interesting point in the background. Real estate people have been in a large system with a sound system, perfect system, and high standardization for a few years. Is it basically abolished? We do not agree with this point of view. In fact, talents from benchmark companies like Vanke, Zhonghai and Longhu are very competitive in the market.

Modern Express News (Reporter Ji Yuwen / photo) Recently, leggings are no longer the exclusive topic of girls on the microblog topic list, many men have also started to wear leggings, as a pair of autumn pants to wear. On November 16th, the reporter of Modern Express reported that it was not just a leggings.

A smart micro-investment product that combines entertainment and business, has attracted the attention of consumers because of its portability and price. In recent years, intelligent micro-investment has also ushered in a qualitative development, and its performance has not only been greatly improved, but the price of thousands of dollars has also been increasingly favored by users. Positive...

Introduction: In recent years, the postgraduate fever has continued to heat up, and the number of postgraduate students is expected to exceed 3 million in 2020. Enhance the competitiveness of employment, and increase your own future to become an important reason for many graduates and even graduates. Source 21st Century Business Herald (ID:jjb

Recently, some Japanese companies have banned women from wearing glasses to work, which triggered a strong reaction from public opinion. According to local media reports, Japanese women from different industries said that their employers asked them not to wear glasses, but male colleagues did not have to be bound by this. In this regard, indignant Japanese women have been sent on social media.

The domestic variety show is getting faster and faster. South Korea’s office reality show “good people” related to lawyers has just finished broadcasting in July this year. At the end of October, the Chinese version of the "Emotional Offer" aired the first issue. Don't worry, I bought the copyright this time. "Enthusiastic o

In the entertainment industry, such as the workplace, there is an airborne C-seat for the day. Naturally, there was also a person who was not optimistic at the beginning and then went back all the way. Zhang Da is the latter. He used to be the top spot in the B station. When you see him being starred by other stars, everyone will feel comfortable.

In the age of the Internet, it is nothing new to pay for learning. There are pre-existing self-study rooms that sell knowledge into products or services to realize business value. The paid study room suddenly became a hot topic. A few days ago, the minimum charge for the paid study room 28

Work feels anxiety in the workplace, can resignation solve problems? In July of this year, 25-year-old Chongqing guy Xie Ming resigned because of his work anxiety. Now, after more than three months, he still has not found a suitable job. He wants to tell everyone with his personal experience: resignation is only a moment, such as now Self,

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