This article from the all-weather technology, reading more please visit or concern micro signal all-weather technology (ID:iawtmt), the new financial information (ID:AWFintech). WeChat and Alipay, is a battlefield. This year, double - ZAKER,

In December 6th, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued the 2017 China financial stability assessment report. It said that China's financial system is increasingly complex, and has already been threatened by financial stability. In this regard, the

In the 70s of last century, Connally, the Secretary of the Nixon era, once said that the US dollar is our currency, but it is your problem. It points out the influence of US dollar hegemony on the global economy. Recently, Trump's tax cuts have been passe

[observer network synthesis] according to the Asian investment bank twitter October 16th news, Afghanistan has officially won the sub investment bank membership. Asian investment bank twitter screenshot Singapore media reported on 15 October, the Afghan M

When you were a child, did you listen to various scripts that deified the quality of the Japanese people, as you have done with every little piece of knitting (micro signal: nbdnews)? In addition to Chinese and Japanese summer camps, disposable chopsticks

The global shock was triggered by the GST tax reform in India in July 1, 2017 and the sudden announcement of the abolition of older banknotes. In fact, before the tax reform, India has been adjusted for a simple tax. In 2017 February, the government of In

Hundred kinds of business pick two shoulder, a pair of sugar, load eighteen change. Over hill ridge everywhere, Hunguo day new year. Yiwu Wen / Yang Shanhaiguan feather for sugar feather for sugar and rattle, the island was the old people in Yiwu for the

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