On December 12, the Jilin Railway Public Security Department released a video where a 12-year-old girl ran away with a 15-year-old male netizen in a different place by train. The boy told the police that the girl played mobile phone at home and earned 1,800 yuan a month to work to feed she was. The police learned that the two played games online and met each other.

Microsoft and Moon Studios announced at TGA 2019 that "Fairy and Fire Will", originally scheduled for February 11, 2020, will be extended to March 11, 2020. Let's take a look at the new trailer released on TGA

Netease Entertainment reported on December 13 Recently, it was reported that the Chinese icehouse, which opened in 1964, will be closed on December 31 this year because no one in the next generation took over. China Ice Room is one of the favorite locations in Hong Kong films. "No Love", "Midnight", "PTU", "Jiangjiang"

A few days ago, Cai Yan, a 15-year-old member of the Korean women's group Busters, pulled a funny artist Cui Yingxuan from the same show on the show. The other side threw her hands away without saying a word, and beat Cai Yan's shoulder with a fist. Controversy. The show then announced that the male artist was fired. Day color

A few days ago, Cai Yan, a 15-year-old member of the Korean women's group Busters, pulled a funny artist Cui Yingxuan from the same show on the show. The other side threw her hands away without saying a word, and beat Cai Yan's shoulder with a fist. Controversy. The show then announced that the male artist was fired. Day color

The rising temperature in the past few days makes Hefei feel like entering the early spring. On December 10, the maximum daytime temperature in Hefei reached 19.4 ° C. The standard winter clothing for autumn pants and down jackets seems to be unsuitable for the recent weather in Hefei. According to the forecast of Hefei Meteorological Observatory, the highest temperature in our city will be 1...

According to Chinanews.com, on December 10, there was a parking lot on the west road of Jinan Olympic Stadium in Shandong Province. It was seen that there were tens of thousands of shared bicycles parked neatly. It is reported that most of these shared bicycles were temporarily transported to the parking management department due to crowded sidewalks and random parking.

Li Yan revealed that the countdown returned to China in two days. Li Yan. Netease Entertainment reported on December 10. On December 10, Li Yan posted a snow map of Switzerland on her personal social networking site. The picture shows the countdown time, revealing that there is no more than 3 days before returning home. Li Yan is currently studying at a Swiss aristocracy

On December 9, Masu rarely participated in the International Film Festival. Because of the previous events, Masu not only lost his passers-by, his career was greatly affected, and he rarely participated in large events. I do n’t know if Masu ’s participation in the film festival meant a high-profile comeback. On the day of the event, Masu kept a sharp nose

How does vegan meat feel? Fragrant! Recently, a YouTube vegetarian blogger @Alyse Parker shared a video of her implementing the Carnivore Diet for 30 consecutive days; she revealed that she did not

According to the news on December 8, the official WeChat news shows that WeChat search has ushered in a new upgrade in recent days. It is reported that in this upgrade, WeChat Search was officially upgraded to WeChat Search and has a more accurate and reliable brand official area. According to the official introduction, the newly upgraded WeChat search

& amp; nbsp; At 13:00 on December 8, 2019, an explosion occurred during the repair of the tanker in the Lijun Repair Department of Shunfeng Logistics Yard of the Yadahong Industrial Concentration Zone in Ningjiang District, causing two deaths and one minor injury. Cause of the accident is under further investigation. (Source: Ningjiang released WeChat account

In the evening of December 8, the Court of Final Appeal and High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region were set on fire. The Department of Justice solemnly stated that they would never condone! Statement by the Department of Justice of the Hong Kong Government screenshot A group initiated a rally on the same day. At about 6 pm, an iron gate at one of the gates of the High Court...

On December 5th, the Qingshui Court of the Suzhou District Court opened a trial for an improper profit dispute involving depositors' deposits of several hundred yuan as a result of erroneous operation of bank employees. In August this year, Hao went to a bank in Suzhou District to make a deposit. The current bank employee, Lee, neglected to deposit a 300 yuan deposit.

When the phone freezes, many friends will choose to restart the phone. When you long press the power button, the phone will have two options: shutdown and restart. It is also the restart of the phone. What is the difference between restarting the phone and turning it off? China Telecom is now bringing science to the picture. Restart is at the phone software level

Netease Entertainment reported on December 8 Recently, some media reported that the wealthy businessman Liu Xiong took his two-year-old daughter Josie to play on the street. His wife, Gambi, was not seen, but Gambi's mother accompanied her throughout. Josie sometimes plugs her ears with her hands, sometimes poking her face, lively and cute.

IT House, Dec. 7 A new study in the United States recently said that the number of cases of cell phone injuries has surged since 2007; researchers suggest that preventive education should be strengthened. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on December 5th local time stated that in 20

News from IT Home Today, Huawei officially released the Enjoy 10S mobile phone. Huawei Enjoy 10S uses a 6.3-inch OLED colorful full-screen with a resolution of 2400 & amp; times; 1080, supports screen fingerprint unlocking, has magic night black, sky realm,

The China Seismological Network automatically determined that a magnitude-4.4 earthquake occurred near Fengnan District (39.37 degrees north latitude and 117.99 degrees east longitude) near 08:02 on December 05. The final result is subject to the official quick report.

Today we announced that the contract with Fenfen (黄 琛) players has officially ended and will not be renewed after communication between the two parties. Thank you Fenfen, thank you for being in danger at the critical moment, thank you and everyone for the story that belongs to LNG, and wish you future battles and lives

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