The day before the media unannounced visits to a number of well-known five star hotel, found the cleaner with the toilet brush cup, towel dipped in the toilet water to wipe. In this regard, one involving the Hotel Kempinski Hotel in Harbin responded that

The new evening news reporter Li He 22, 5 pm, in the ring road bridge Kang An Road Bridge, Hing Road and highway bridge to the direction of a black NISSAN sedan, the operation is more than deck sanitation workers knocked down, of which 4 were unfortunatel

There were some different changes in the mobile phone market in 2017. The two generation of full screen millet MIX 2 began to spread the market, has become the beginning of millet mobile phone the change; Luo nuts Pro2 adhering to the task of victory or d

Nanjing modern express /ZAKER commentator Cao Yubing need to buy IP… … yellow box broadcast free … … group members need private @. What do you do if you see such a post in the group? There - ZAKER, personalized recommendation o

When the old man got off the bus, the bus driver didn't see it, and the old man's body … … the old lady fell to the ground and was rolled by the bus. The afternoon of December 13th, Mr. Cai introduced readers, in the vicinity of Shenyang mou

A group of people were holding a screwdriver in their hands, waving their arms constantly, and there seemed to be a bit of pain in their eyes. What were they doing? The original December 9th 2018 season opening day of Abalone (AbaloneSeason2018), early in

In November 28th, the 360 mobile phone, which had just released its first full screen N6 PRO, would be opened again, and the 360 will be held in Beijing in December 12th. 360 official response said this winter new conference was mainly the release of 360

The winter weather, the temperature is low, it is farmers kippers, drying fish good season. In December 8th, the biggest fish Shaichang in Chaohu Temple scenic area, lined in the net, forming a unique beauty of fishing. Fishermen took advantage of the fin

Modern express /ZAKER Nanjing chief commentator at the age of 6, Wu Lichuan programming, 8 construction site, 13 year old founder of the company, the 14 year old was admitted to MIT as preppy, former U.S. president personally sent a letter of invitation a

2017 is absolutely the full year of the home - made mobile phone, which is not a full screen phone is embarrassed to open the press conference. Seize the full screen selling point, the first full screen mobile phone to the thousand yuan price is not mille

Modern express /ZAKER commentator. Cashmere recently, Mr. Zhu received Tangshan City sent a notice of the respondent court ". A year ago, he saw a motorcycle crash, of which one of the motorcyclists escaped. Mr. Zhu immediately drove up. I didn't think of

The streets of downtown, heavy traffic, a man riding a horse leisurely walk in the road, without the slightest effect of evening peak congestion. The day before, someone broke a man riding walking the streets of Hefei in a forum posting video. But is it r

Modern express /ZAKER Nanjing commentator Cao Yubing driving friends please notice! After crossing for pedestrians, don't go; he called him, you go on ahead; if he is not to walk off, you put him in the past to walk; or not to go, not to give him one hund

More than 30 days, more than 400 people, the cost of drug purchase price will more than 4 yuan, but no money box is only 8000 yuan, 1 months to lose 30 thousand yuan, this is the Huludao city a caring clinic to give free patients to see a doctor according

Modern express /ZAKER Nanjing commentator two girl recently, Liaoning Fushun Fushun traditional culture and education school female Durban was exposed by the media, its educational content caused heated debate. Durban female professor "Nvjie", "disciple g

In November 28th, 360 officially launched a new double flagship 360 cell phone N6 PRO, selling for $1699. In terms of configuration, 360 mobile N6 PRO is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 660 processor and LPDDR4X memory chip, ZAKER, personalized recommenda

In November 9th, the famous electronic equipment dismantling rating agency iFixit released iPhone X transparent wallpaper, the effect is very realistic, the effect is like the removal of the iPhone X mobile phone screen or rear cover. In the dismantling p

Haven't met in a long time! ZAKER technology, all friends, the thirteenth "weekly guess machine" and meet with you. The first brother want to note: last week, the weekly guess machine, no one correct answer! This is the most let a little brother accidenta

Hammer technology last night in Chengdu officially released a new mobile phone Pro 2 ZAKER nuts, and also with the fastest speed to bring you to experience, let us look at the craftsman's pride and joy is to continue. The packaging of nut Pro 2 is pulled

Double eleven is already in sight, facing the electricity supplier crazy promotions, often there will be a X I so cheap in the end I buy what ah such doubts, for this condition, ZAKER technology have had an interview with the editorial department senior d

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